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This project has been developed for a 3D competition hosted by CLO3D. Within the studio we did two approaches (WOMAN/MALE) for the theme postulated.
The mission of this project was to develop apparel for an active future protecting from given risks and show out new ways of co-working combining new technologies in a creative way.

Far from the unisex concept, we studied the genders differences socially and historically, not assuming any given pre-conception, we digged into the social roles. We also had a closer look into the weight, which the society casts over the individual life. 
Despite each of us presented our own gender, we promote the mixture of roles no matter which gender hierarchy the society is living in.

This project is talking about gender perspectives (him and her) and about versatility. An outfit that supplies protection towards the exterior world (outer layers) and the comfort for the intimacy (first layer).

As part of the design process we have been:

1. Researching social trends towards a futuristic proposal in a Post Covid (any Virus) Scenario.
2. Designing and Modelling several sustainable outfits: seamless top and pant, shirt, pant/skirt, gloves, mask, modular shield.
3. Developing the mini collection in 8 different colorways/materials with strong concern for predicability 
4. Textile design and 3d material development: designing prints and technically developing virtual fabrics to make them look as real as possible.
5. Layering of outfits (interchanging files) including tests with modified CLO avatars in different postures. 
6. Creating several studio and light set ups to communicate the concept.


It is a fact that COVID 19 has affected us globally in all aspects of social and economical life. 
But it also shows us our global unity in exposing our common vulnerability and the strong need to cooperate into a secure Post Covid19 era without national segregation.  

Post-Covid thoughts can be driving us to a futuristic scenery, with obviously more need for protection but also opening up for a greater multicultural understanding leading towards a multiethnic society that enrich our culture. This of course will also affect the way cloth look and people dress. 

All this fear of getting sick should, however, not postpone for the green change industry still has to go through. Sustainability in this project is based amongst waste avoidance, recycling efforts and many other things most of all in re-purposed dead stock. Upcycling of (seasonal) garments and fabrics which did not reach the markets due to global lockdown and decreased consumption. 


We developed a first layer knitwear design made out of biodegradable elastic microfibres. 3D sanitised high tech, antibacterial and elastic threads regulating moisture effectively. Produced in high tech seamless production using accurate body scan data. 

Fascinated by the concept of a second skin we designed different textures accodingly to the anatomy and the fabric positioning.
The seamless sweater has a warm and protective chest shield for lunge protection as well as breathing and heart rate sensoring. The body zones either compress for zone activation and others are extra breathable.


The mission was to create a combi of two pieces mixing repurposed dead stock of classic flannel plaid and texturized fabrics.

The tailoring and couture combined with new elements, protective and functional pieces made out of up- and recycled materials, as the big and easy to open pockets for outside necessities and for hygiene products. 

Padded areas for extra protection and ventilation openings for heat regulation. A technical shirt and pant/skirt combo promoting the versatility, and showing the close relationship between urban wear and activewear. The concept of uniform is very much present. 


The accessories are a reminder of the gravity of the situation. They protect and divide inside from outside. 
The mask, the modular shield, the gloves, all the accessories in black.

On the mask and the gloves, I applied an own camouflage print design.
The mask is a health necessity and a reality when leaving home. The gloves are touch-responsive allowing phone and micromotoric actions. 

The modular hoodie shield is made out of translucent paragliding rip stop material (Recycled Nylon) and despite the protective mission is giving a message of openness and fragility to the fellow people.
The thin plexiglass shield is detachable by a zip-on system, giving versatility of usage accordingly to the situation and environment. 

An easy to put on and highly protective Recycled Nylon translucent outside layer together with the mask, protecting from drops and aerosols.


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