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My name is Carmesine Blauvent and I am a spanish artist, designer and entrepreneur, based in Innsbruck since August 2014.

I speak Spanish, English fluently and have a good knowledge of Italian and French. Currently I’m taking advanced lessons in German.

I’ve been always interested on human interaction and also on how the objects are conceived, their internal mechanisms and processes.

During my work experience as a designer, my focus has very much been on defining and developing new projects and strategies as well as communicating them to the target. I am very passionate and dedicated on fullfilling the desired objectives and goals.

I am specialized in fashion design, bags design, textile and print design and illustration. I’ve been working for the industry for more than 15 years. Besides freelancing I also run my own label Blauvent, functional bags from recycled paragliders.

BLAUVENT was launched in October 2009. I had in mind my own project as designer, a sustainable product that would have sense also for a passionate paraglider as I was. For that reason I started manufacturing my designs with original paraglider textile and from used and recycled ones.

I paint mountains and I work by commission, I paint them in any size. I do always work from photos I take myself in the mountains.

I got my Master in Design and Communication at the Domus Academy, Milan, back in 2001.

I was shoes designer at Camper for two years, and I worked as designer at Salomon Sports, in France, for one year. In the year 2006, after two years building and coordinating a new apparel brand for a Spanish company, I started the adventure of being freelancer.

The last years, among some other clients I’ve been designing and coordinating the whole collections of a womenswear eco-label called Tijar, based in Nepal and Spain. My background has always been very eclectic.

Doing what one likes is one of the biggest luxuries possible. I believe in it and I feel fortunate to pursue my vocation. Since my younger years I have been professionally proactive, experimenting in different fields and eager to cross the conventional borders to explore new ways of accomplishing the purpose.

Download CURRICULUM (pdf, 114 Kb)

Visit my PHOTOBLOG or my SKETCHBLOG to know more about me.

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