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In 2009 I took the adventure of selfproducing, builiding my own company; BLAUVENT, and developing a sustainable product and process.

An eclectic collection of limited editions. The name of the brand originates in Catalan: BLAUVENT means ‘blue wind”. All BLAUVENT products are individually handmade and produced in the region of Alicante, with a strong commitment to promote the local. Both, the company and the products, are environmentally aware and respectful to people. BLAUVENT distributes online, through, also our product can be found multi-brand stores in Switzerland, as well as in the shop at the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao.

Backpacks and wallets made from recycled wings. Each product is unique, one of the a kind, as each pattern adapts to the nicest section of the paraglider. BLAUVENT offers a line of bags and accessories for people willing for creative product with a well defined concept: versatile enough to fit into the urban style, sports, leisure and outdoor activities. The experience of freedom associated with paragliding.

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