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Salomon's 3D Caps Showcase

Here are some highlights from our collaboration with Salomon, specifically focusing on the evolution of summer and running caps collection. Our primary objective has always been centered on delivering hyper-realistic renders, drawing inspiration from initial briefs and 2D Techpacks. Our process revolves around achieving precision in proportions, intricate pattern development, virtual fabric creation, and meticulous modeling with a low particle distance for unparalleled accuracy. By harnessing a final render engine in a simulated photo studio environment, we accentuate crucial design elements like stitching, sun insulation, and natural ergonomic fit. The consistency in our workflow throughout the diferent collections remains the cornerstone in crafting these true-to-life digital representations, employing cutting-edge rendering technologies to replicate diverse textures and materials. This dedication ensures the creation of comprehensive and realistic virtual models in every iteration of the collection.

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