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Different dimension, between A4 and A3

August 2014.


We come up to Mendiak (‘’mountains’’, in Euskera) as a romantic symbol of elevation and isolation, as a start point to build up an identity. I nourish myself by recognizing the landscape's spiritual elements, finding inspiration in the meteorological changes, the mountain’s grandness and the magnificence of the skies. This extreme presence is one of the reasons I am based in the Tyrollean Alps since August 2014.

I always work from photos and notes I take whilst up in the mountains. My artistic journey continues in the studio, as I edit the landscape with a big dose of interpretation, translating my photographic records into pictorial, figurative and abstract pieces.

From the experience of the hyperreal, elusive, unclimbed, builds up a narrative, a story, a landscape, to discuss the possibility of a free space from the frivolous, the illusive memory of a past fact. The memory of what has been real, it’s already a proof of the absence... it has been for real? Only the lines, strokes, stains, the gesture, the partial, the oblivion… The memory beyond the landscape, recreated inside the interior arquitecture, broken, incomplete, as the geography of the contemporary identity.

We accumulate images of reality to keep experiences alive.

The mountain represents spirituality, isolation, grandness and the conquest of oneself over the accidents of the form and the capricious events of mobility. Mendiak is a research made from somebody exotic to the area, a fragmentary atlas, of a territory between the real and the unreal. 
Anything less than the mountain was a dream. Which impact create mountains and its representation in the Tyrollean imaginary? And in a foreign visitor?

I would like to accompany this with interviews and geological, botany, and anthropological studies from the terrain, in order to research the different narratives that has been placed into layers at this autonomous reality, Tirol. Before and after the society, as unity in the midst of eternal change, the mountain, stable and silent, has always been.

“When the peaks of our sky come together. My house will have a roof.” Paul Eluard

It is possible to buy my artworks online through carmesineblauvent.com

The paintings are sold unframed and carefully packed and shipped in a cardboard tube to avoid damage during shipping. I send Worldwide.

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