Blauvent 1.0

Limited Editions - Designed and produced in Spain

In 2009, the label BLAUVENT emerged with a dedicated focus on crafting sustainable products and implementing eco-conscious processes.

Featuring an eclectic range of limited editions, the brand's name, BLAUVENT, derives from Catalan, translating to 'blue wind'. Every BLAUVENT creation is carefully handmade in Valencia/Alicante, embracing a strong commitment to local craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. Both the company and its products prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. BLAUVENT reaches customers through its online platform,, and was featured in multi-brand stores across Switzerland and the Guggenheim Museum shop in Bilbao for instance.

The brand specializes in backpacks and wallets fashioned from recycled paragliding wings, ensuring each product is uniquely one-of-a-kind, as the patterns adapt to the paraglider's distinct sections. BLAUVENT's line of bags and accessories caters to individuals seeking versatile, creatively designed products that seamlessly blend into urban, sports, leisure, and outdoor settings—evoking the sense of freedom synonymous with paragliding.

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