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In 2009 Carmen started the adventure of selfproducing and builiding up her own company named BLAUVENT, which aimed to offer a sustainable product and process.

An eclectic collection of limited editions. The name of the brand originates in Catalan: BLAUVENT means ‘blue wind”. All BLAUVENT products are individually handmade and produced in the region of Alicante, with a strong commitment to promote the local. Both, the company and the products, are environmentally aware and respectful to people. BLAUVENT distributes online, through, also our products can be found i multi-brand stores in Switzerland, as well as in the shop of the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao.

Backpacks and wallets made from recycled paragliding wings. Each product is unique, one of the a kind, as each pattern adapts to the nicest section of the paraglider. BLAUVENT offers a line of bags and accessories for people willing for creative product with a well defined concept: versatile enough to fit into the urban style, sports, leisure and outdoor activities. The experience of freedom associated with paragliding.

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